Remember me?
Remember me…
Now? Now.

I am all soul
No shell
I’ve become taboo

Purity is shunned

It offends
It piques
The senses of them
To whom all sense is lost

I am not trying to be ironic.
This is not a drama piece.
I have no quick wit
I am devoid of all language

I have no voice
I have no face
I have no colour
I have no race
I have no choice
They took away my cape

I have some sense,
Of how of little need
But statistic
I am to the known world,
Unknown to me
(Shut up)- I am shut out

I have no leaf left
I am all out of sap
I am not loved
Blackened and shriveled
I cannot love

I am not sick
It is not fate,
A lack of self-esteem,
A sum total of self-doubt

I am not self-indulgent
I have no self
I am a shelf

Of simple thoughts
Disregarded notions
Un-appointed positions
Projected demolition

I am not ‘what should be’
I am ‘what is’

Remember Me.


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