The Science of Gender

My body’s gotten bored with normal sleep patterns – I was getting quite comfortable with the whole 6hrsofsleep thing. Well one can’t be the master of their own zzzzzz function, the aliens inside my head wanna stay up and awake, after all sleep is for puppies and ageing cats…
As should be expected, being recently returned to the reality of can’tsleeps, getting back in routine of what to do/knowing what to do with all these hours, has sort of been doing my head in. Isaac is prolly right, if i didn’t worry about it all too much I wouldn’t be awake all night [and unbearable in the mornings?!]

Well, last night I read three quarters of a book by Goerge Lois – what it really is is a collection of quotes and photographs (would that be classed as book?)-. Tonight I have been surfing the web (‘surfing the web’ is the most ridiculous phrase ever coined…oh yeah i can give you a catalogue of them all starting with, ‘chillingwithmypips’, ‘lifesucks’, ‘mindyourownbusiness’,’someonestolemyspacebar’…) — yeah; surfing the web, discovering new blogs (Errol Morris blogs!), and wacky websites that led me some really good ones and interesting links.

The Extract below is from a dot UK website sofeminine. I thought it would be most fitting knowing that a number of people in most parts of the world will be examining this part of their bodies/their partners bodies in only afew hours to come. In some way i would like to celebrate the clitoris and everyone who still has got one.


In the 19th century the clitoris was described as a ‘useless organ’ by scientists. The vagina acquired undisputable supremacy over the clitoris. In Europe and the USA, until the 1930s the practice of circumcision was widespread to prevent masturbation but also because the clitoris was thought to cause hysteria and epilepsy. Today 150 million women in the world are still victims of clitoral circumcision, in countries extending from the Arab states to India.


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