Eating hearts, take heart

” Phoebe, You’re gaining weight”.

“Hey babe, my jeans don’t fit any more”.

“Oh My Gosh Phoebe you are fat!”

” WOw, i had no idea that you had hips, and your stomach, you never had a stomach?”

“Phoebe you’re fat”.

“You’re fat Phoebe”.

“Phoebe have you noticed that you’re growing fat”.

Alright!Enough with you all; people who won’t shut off.
Not until recently, my relationship with food was a tad unhealthy. Or rather to put it plainly,
I hardly ate any real food, and when i did it was one proper a meal a day (when i did).
I was also terrible insomniac and could only sleep for about from 4am – 7:30 am every 24hrs.

So while i realise the need to watch my gut and my ass before it all grows out of control, I would
also like to announce that am finally the right weight for my age, height and life

thanks for your concern
always, phoebe. x


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