Close your eyes. Open my mouth

lessons or rather ‘things’ I have  learn’t in my very late 20’s



  1.  People’s disappointment that I am not exactly as young as (I look) their idea of what my age shld be
  2.  Cravings are for people with very little to worry about
  3. The visa (acquisition) process is not something i will ever get good at
  4.  Having housemates means that one might have to break into one’s house every so often
  5. Living with my boyfriend is actually fun, fulfilling and quite easy to get used to
  6. Office Politics is real, and am never gonna get good at it
  7. At the best of times (read office politics) your boss/colleagues will throw you under the bus without a flinch
  8. I don’t comprehend the word ‘settling’ when used along side words such as love, marriage, work … life (why settle?!)
  9. I very quickly tire of problems
  10. I haven’t dealt with my disturbed childhood and there is a chance I might be running out of a need to
  11. I continue to love the people I have before loved
  12. I have gotten very good (unfortunately) at concealing my social anxieties