wholly crack

Oh come
float to me

Blow me winds
winds I’ve lost
in a spell of my ‘mind peace’

Oh come
bring with you
blunt chain saws
dig a hole in this skull
disperse my mind
into fragments of settled confusions

come oh dear
come to me
wheel me me to the chaotic noises

All noises and chaos we let slip
A dream from which we sought escape from

Come oh let me
let me lay on with
Free falling into a bubble filled with crass, fears and my old madness

Oh rid of me
This mental zen that’s hidden all my words from
many of them probably
corked off into a bottle
cast to lands
cut off from mine

Come oh be with me.
Make me cry,
make me sad,
feed my eager anxieties

Come oh tell me
who I am as I was
before I got rid of you.

Come oh rid of me… all of me that i am without you.



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