I would like to say am back… but that leaves room for questions
I discourage questions. Questions directed at me. questions that demand answers..
non-rhetorical questions. don’t ‘pose’ them. I can’t handle the truth. my own truth

I’ve been lost tangled in the virtual webs of facebook. totally taken by the new;
contributing to my own threads and deligently working on my status updates…
that is writing- right?!

I woke up this morning feeling like shit. I have a cold. I am quickly growing abbs as a result of my all night
coughing. There wasn’t any soap in my bathroom this morning. hot water takes the dirt away.
I looked at my face in the tiny bathroom wall mirror,
and for the first time in months; my face was working with me! I looked pretty. the exact way i would like my face
to look like when in moments- episodes- of ‘Must Look Pretty’… it never does. And then this morning; with my cough and runny nose and
no-soap-bath… my face looked great! I put my sleek powder and lip gloss on, and I could have kissed my self

Silver lining! I don’t mind being in this state for a while… shit, Its time for my Meds.

pS. i LIKE being back


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ganjaman says:

    welcome back

  2. Sophy says:

    welcome back Phoebe
    as for the lux- keep loving it
    i know the feeling

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