Words I love

I am a big sucker for words;
I love words black, blue or red
I love words broken, patched up and pieced together
fixed to make sentences, conversation, comments, notes
and acknowledgement.
Words breeding life to a page, cracking our lips, eyes into gestures
that instantly and always transform our mundane human faces into something
of a marvel.
Words which articulate what a thousand pictures would never. Not even in a thousand years
I love words of our foremothers, words contemporary,
Words in languages ours, mine, yours and theirs
Words hurtful, spiteful, dipped in scorn and sometimes oppressive- I love these
words too.
Words which provoke actions, reactions, resulting reflection, retrospect-ion, influence
Words-said, unsaid, heard, felt,
Words of the heart
Words in our heads, on our minds
Words without which we wouldnt purely and surely
express feelings, passions and emotions that make us all-human

never comprehensively posses


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