(my recent one of new homes)

I need three dustbins- one I will sit in the kitchen,
the other in my bathroom/toilet, and the
last one in a space that’s just all of a sudden shut off
from my brain.

All I need for my new home is objects within which
I can dispose off those objects for which I nolonger have any use,
like the left side of my brain, which due to absolute boredom
brought about by my own lack of use, has hosed itself out of my skull.

I looked at myself today in the nude and realised that I have grown chubby in
places i was genetically promised to keep lean and flat. I feel like a 98yr old woman whose
husband has just recently signed himself up for the commanding role in a foreign war, just so
he can get away from the bitch. I fail terribly at being a bitch whenever i try.

I spend boring nights in my bed watching boring films on my laptop. all those films I used
to find incredibly worthwhile and inspirational, i now find in them not more than ‘talking pictures’.
I fell asleep last night watching Woody Allen’s ‘You will meet a tall dark stranger’. And I love Woody Allen,
something about him that constantly reminds me of this guy with whom I once was hopelessly in love (the hopelessness is always the first in the bin).

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  1. The Emrys says:

    coming back home you….

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