Two weeks @ a time

I leave kigali tonight. I have been here for the last two weeks
now. In two weeks I have met and disliked a boy. I have fallen in
love with the project I am working on – for teenage girls around Rwanda.
I have included in my life another four wonderful women (until proven otherwise)
and I have ticked that ‘must-work-with-Martin Kharumwa- box!

I have continued my travel around Rwanda. Feels like a catch-up with ‘Rwanda Again’
I have also spent a night on a couch, fully dressed, with not even a sheet
to shelter me from the freezing Kigali night. I have walked straight from the Kigali streets
entered a white gated wall Labelled Rwanda Youth Hostel, and asked them if they had a cheap room
for the night- they asked if I had any laggage and I felt obliged to mention that I had just bought
a toothbrush and a pair of panties for the next day.

I have gone out to a popular bar in Kigali (Payprus) and felt that my friends and I were being specifically passed-over/ignored/discriminated against… I walked over
to the counter and gave the bar manager an earfull(“Do you know who I am Sir. I am the girl who is not afraid/shy to tell
you where to shove it; attend to us ASAP or I will scream
!- as if I wasn’t already)

I have experienced a fantastic house party; the people. the drinks. the energy. the hosts…! and the next day woke up to
something that scared me for life (or for a very long time).

I have been so broke. Felt so alone. And I have had enough to want to book a holiday in September.

I have felt so vulnerable; in need for someone to love me. to hold me. I have woken on many mornings happy to be independent. To answer to just me.

I sat in front of the computer one afternoon and had the light bulb turned on: It pays! this project. Finally! And then immediately realised I haven’t done any real work for the Monitor . Next week.

And it’s been just two weeks! I am moving to Kigali to live next week. For until I experience a dull moment!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lulu says:

    I feel everything you just wrote and today I was on the couch-with a duvet 🙂 but come back soon. THIS PLACE IS UNBEARABLE WITHOUT YOU

  2. Sleek says:

    Come back to us!!!

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