Hanna Abi Hanna

Searching for the goodness in this all
all of this. Finding it in
within a friend. His name.

Hanna. Time is lengthened. Beauty outstretched.
These war noises. Revolutionaries. Despots black, brown and white.
You smile. Eyes downcast. Sadness is a line on a long face.
Grief in my chest heaves like no word avails. Deaths. Unclaimed punishments.

The meaningfulness in life we find.
Stiffs are human bodies. Means unjustified to the end.
My mind further penetrates. A void. Emotions walled off. Am I supposed to feel… cold?

I have been sneaking off. Peaking at your webblog.
My escape is your rough drafts.
Smile and look out,
to me.

-free wheeling it


One Comment Add yours

  1. Acaye says:

    Eish… i read where some of that is coming from. Bullets just. soooo sweet, and pained all in one sentence….

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