Black to Back

My sister called a few mornings ago
and in a still statement begged me to
take this photo (below) off my facebook wall.

Apparently it is a sign – according to her and my
well meaning cousins – I am engulfed by a terrible darkness,
Shadowed in a negative spirit. An emergency soak in the Holy Tub is what I need….
Why oh why do i continously glorify darkness?! (summarised in my own words).

Now, I love my sister, and by boudless measure. I wouldn’t want her to
lose sleep imagining that her petite darling is a closetted Worshiper of Satan.. noooh.

I wish she could however realise that my relationship with pictures and all images, whether it
be Jesus Emmanuel on the cross or a young black man’s face artificially doctored in photoshop,
it all for me, has nothing to do with spirituality and spiritualism.

The face above belongs to an almost-fantastic guy ( I don’t know Jason Ntaro well
enough to confirm his fantasticness, but I do know that he wasn’t going for the ‘deep stuff’ either. He prolly wanted
to find out how his babies would look like if he ever decided to have them with me. – wink, wink jason… Am I coming on too hard… alright back to playing coy)

Ps. I should mention that I removed the above pic from my facebk wall. Probally because the first time my sister had ever asked me to do anything for her sake. so I did that….

xxxxx- whoever introduced the idea of Black is Evil; cheers mate!!


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