while away…

. was working on a play- written by Acaye Pamela Elizabeth-
a part of it was staged alongside Valerie Miquel’s ‘Bolero by Maurice Ravel’ production.

Ps. I have recently been walking around announcing to every listening ear how I now can
operate theatre lights! well, I have been known to stretch the truth a tiny bit during episodes of excitement.
The truth is, Mr. Okware the ‘lights master’ @ National theatre allowed me to play with the stage lights and taught me
some of. ( I am obssesed with lighting: daylight, candlelight, filmlight, theatrelight, photolight, all light)

. I attended and participated in Massani Art’s Poetry in Session last night. this was a poetry night organised by Roshan Karmali (photographer and owner of Massani Art). The next one- the next Poetry in Session will be on the 21st of December (8pm) at Afri Art Gallery (same place we were lastnight) opp. Femrite and before Kiira Rd. Police

. I am still working on the Love Campaign: let love reign/Let love Prevail. We have already t-shirts and wrist bands; thanks to Miss Uganda-UK Maria Namiiro. She will be in Kampala on the 20th of december and we intend to have a launch ‘thing’ then after; i will keep you all informed.

x love one another and Let love Prevail this christmas!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. tumwijuke says:

    My, you’re in a good mood.

    Off to love.

  2. mphoebe says:

    I am aren’t I.
    Dear Tumwi, I would love for you to be
    part of this campaign. I have been so far been advised
    that it is “too elite-st” … “too non-topical” and etc by my
    well meaning friends. Yet still I insist on going ahead with it.

    here is my email (littlejars@gmail.com).. you and any other reading this and interested, can drop me an email just so I get their email addresses and bore them with the details and updates of the campaign.

    Let Love Prevail:)

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