i ripped this off of angelo’s f.b wall: is f.b wall info. private info…

…. well, ask the people whose names, phone numbers and home addresses are in every newstand rugs near you

Anyways, this is the ripped page:

A tabloid in Uganda put out what it calls a list of 10 gay and lesbian people in the African nation, urging readers to report them to the police.

To the above Angelo asks:Again? Why is this issue still in the limelight? If you read the comments you would think we are some backward country…..

[Obviously, like any serious journalist hungering for a fresh story, my dearest of dearest friends is already over it,
this whole ‘kill gays’ whoo-ha! Can we move on already. Oh wait a minute… more of his dear friends have something to
say on the subject].

Tracy Kagarura : Gays are not accepted in this country…period!! [should we move on? Really Angelo should we already?]

Mawa Haruna Papique : In fact when Jacob Zuma marries a third wife, he is deemed immoral and a cheat by the same western media, but when a man decides to marry a fellow man its a right. [wait… I am confused sir. what are you saying?]

Mukombozi Abel: : We should not yield to unnatural ways in the name of rights and modernity.Hon Bahati’s bill should be passed as soon as possible [ what exactly is a natural way to have sex?]

and about here Angelo interjects: Firstly folks, i think the gay rights issue is a sideshow [ no pun intended]. Before he tabled it i had several conversations with David about the non-legislative consequences of this bill. The so-called threat from gays in schools is a bog…ey- and gay people like the ones who went to court were not pelted with stones and hanged. If there is any mob justice in Uganda or violence for that matter its against other categories of people like thieves, political activists or religious ones and journalists-thats a different issue. This debate outsiders are holding over our heads about unreal conditions in the country is the problem. And its not about double standards alone. Uganda has moral issues worth debating and homosexuality hardly makes the list in my view.
[ Angelo sweetheart, have you read the comments from your friends above? I think the point here is that we have people whose privacy has been violated in some miserable tabloid- too miserable it has no name of it’s own. And maybe if weren’t creating such a big issue of homosexuality over here, no major networks over there would be picking up the story in the first place (there wouldn’t be a story- as should be). Let’s not fool ourselves, Uganda is not the only country in the world against homesexuals. Almost all countrys in the world aren’t too thrilled over this reality. but you don’t here them debating the death penalty, imprisonment, sucking people from their jobs, public persecution…….

oh by the way, can any one please tell me which ‘traditional values’ they currently hold?! those which are being threatened. Please.


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