Let Love Reign

Today is a good day! My suicidal fantancies have all but vanished
and so has the human-angel whose long ‘moved-on’ affection
I have been holding out for.
Lightbulb moment: he’s just another one of them. Plain human.
big uncovery! Huge

Back to “business as usual”;
am currently working on a Love Campaign which
will be launched next month- december. this campaign is
to counter the hate-noise eating up our already not-so fresh air.

This is a campaign against Intolerance, against Prejudice
But most especially it is a campaign against Hate.
It is a campaign against the current ongoing advocacy for DEATH.

We have easily become a country whose thieves are comfortably nurtured and protected
we nurture the corrupt; rich men who steal from the newborns and the dying.
we empathise with child molesters, with men who beat their wives to a pulp,
with women who starve children to death. We nurture the dirt under mine, yours and everyone else’s nails…

With the day’s light as our witness and protected by the powers that hold this state in a mess, we lie, we steall, we cheat. We are Gomorrah. Need we add to all of that, ‘Legal Killings’? Is that necessary?

Need we ask for an extra chain and bars with which to lock people who love another? People who want to be
with the people they love and appropriately express their love/passion/ affection/ whatever it is they feel for each other?
Off with their heads??? Which century is this? Where am I…
and Lucifer a new ‘must please’ guest?!

Whatever happened to loving the other as one would have themselves loved? whatever happened????



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