Poochi Poochi

– the correct spelling for the title above is puci puci; but
was worried someone might misread it as Puss, puss


I should blog about muslims, Islam, and give a huge shout out
to my cousin Seif in Reading, my great friend Sebbi in Bremen, my darling Saffee in Jo’burg
and all you faithfuls celebrating Eid today… obviously i am not going to.

Or I could blog about this wonderful music television channel on DSTV (I know!)
which allows me, in the late of the night to wander further into my head and create
beautiful things… even when today they are appear as just scribblings in an over-harrassed notebook .
Well, am too lazy to find any appropriate words of gratitude – C Music Late Night Television, yeaaaa!

I have an entire and coherent essay to paste here on Micheal Ezra, but I have decided that until he buys a well suited (to him) pair of sunglasses, I wont waste my blog space on him. One quick question:
of what importance is he exactly that he should be on every one of our front pages seven straight days in one week.
Oh, and another one; all that money he owes URA; what about? What is it that he is bringing in or taking out of the country?

PLUS, in case you wanted to know how
people find my blog; these are the type of things they
type in their search engines:

little jars, alfredo jaar, monoprose, allulations,
godard i am a total ignoramus on that front, mon ami.
i hope the police won’t force me to use a computer.
don’t forget highways were invented by adolf hitler and a few others of the same ilk.
i don’t think a highway helps knowing and appreciating a landscape.
same thing, for me, applies to the “information highway”.


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