3.am- Searching my itunes

I listened to some of Maurice Kirya’s and in my head this showed up.
ps. its Unedited

You forget
dreams that come and go
slipping in and out
not leaving you
to your lonesome

But how do you

running through pouring rains
clothes peeling off
baring an innocence
inhibitions unexperienced
(a naked truth of the time)

But how do you

a mother not lived. long enough
a father unexperienced
an innocence hand-picked
a certified guilt awarded

And how do you

laughter by a bonfire
the night in her stary-blackness
death lying cold in the next room
a love never given. not long enough to stick
a child lone grown. fast

And how do you

whispers by the midnight
a grown man atop
“open your mouth”. a tongue shoved in
mother’s dying. “what can you do but watch”
a life turned to a halt
all but
only an infant
Barely ten.

But how do you

losing yourself to the
promised solutions of adulthood,
fruits of the future.
Partners your grown hands can gather
a love, a life, the uncertanities.
Mass sufferings of the world that,
it becomes trival to search your own

You forget

But only for just a while


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