so what. again.

this is my answer to you Emry’s. no, it wasn’t my birthday
this below is what i was trying to get at. i guess.
I will keep on trying until i communicate it right.

They bare theyselves, longingly at me
The need to infect, to crowd me within their cracked clusters
of a life long-spent, is overwhelming.

“I am better than you”. They will start. ” I have more. I know more. I am more”.
Teary eyed their longing for less is embarrasing
If I were any other, probably, I would gather them to be a jelous lot
of a before. of me. a life long to live. but you see, I aint deep

“You are Lost”, they’ve confirmed my status. “confused”, another for good measure
“how else can you be”, at this point it’s high pitched, “confortable in your difference. unspotted. without a real experience”.
Apparently, there are Unreal Experiences, hmmn.

They’ve run from pill to pill. one stranger and the next. only to meet me in the morning and start off
“when will you have a child of your own. a man of your own. any of your own.”
But I have no need, you see,
to own neither man nor child
you would perhaps be able to be Your Very Own.

they say a quiet prayer and walk way
on to the next one .
“She lost her head”, they conclude of me.

Ps. the majority vote sucks


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    is it yo birthday?

  2. phoebe says:

    hahhahaahha. no it isn’t.
    I was just mad at people who searching
    my fingers for a ring whenever i tell them how old I am
    Maybe its a joke am not getting. still am over it

    Hi darling

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