‘so not over you

sadness in the news. rubbish music in the bars and clubs- still I dance
canonising the old. sanctifying the unknown. little joys in my life. You.
i never notice the sky back here, so much happens on the ground
Most of it good. really


7 Comments Add yours

  1. mphoebe says:

    its 4 in the morning and I still can’t find
    any sleep. anyone wanna know why i
    continue to go out and celebrate cheap beer and terrible music whenever I can?!

  2. Sleek says:

    Phoebs, how are you?
    Like seriously, how.are.you?

  3. mphoebe says:

    Like seriously sleek; I could use meeting up with
    you- finally. hello my dear

  4. Sleek says:

    Are you in the country? Me i yamu local, stuck here…till Keri of the Hilson fame proposes. Are you around?

  5. mphoebe says:

    I am in kampala city.
    ps. my cousin says she knows you.
    apparently you act in Bakugan Battle Brawlers – new vestroyer
    …and many more i forgot.
    bottom line. you are too famous 😦

  6. Sleek says:

    I act? oh yes, of course I do. But during the day i’m not so famous. Now, if only i had your email address…(big hint)

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