Me and the boss lady: My Karimojong story

KlimaUganda_TRYK 5mai09 BD

In Response to this story and this story.

And now they meet me up and slap me off
Their choice of words unfliching, they have called me a bad mother. A child thief. Stagnated water
Comfortable in their highly raised seats, they label my situation
Apparently, I want to be here. I chose to be here.

Here sitted and cramped
On their terribly depleated pavements
inhaling my own sweat
I attempt to pull at their heart strings with my equally depleated child – they have eyes but they do not see

I see cars bigger than the earth itself,
I could be in a 4D experiment.
Here far from my ‘taken’ cows and dry land
Here is not what I choose.
Here is the only choice left for me -To be seen.
I am a problem begging to be solved.

Yes, we have no food. we have no water. We have no life.
We are tired of continually being the forgotten
the unwanted.
We too belong here. this is too is our land.
We too deserve all that you have- food, shelter and good health.

I have heard them say,
I and my child… or that of my neighbour and herself
are not the only ones starved to malnutrition and deprived of all things essential
they say: “Is Karimonja the only district with the poor? Aren’t there other people around this country in the
exact same situation? So how come those aren’t on our streets? why is it that Karimonjong are the only ones begging off of city dwellers?”

In my silence I too ask; “how is that a solution to the problem. how is the knowledge of the fact that half of the country is starved and poor and diseased and that no one is doing one thing to change the situation… how does that solve my hunger? my being here? -Deprived.”

Some say that NGO groups (supported by the West) bring me here to shame the state.
“Is the state shamed?” I ask.
-No. Not yet. Your presence here does not in any practical way affect the state, nor does it incovenience the life of its rich and wealthy city dwellers. SLAP! JAIL. BARS. This problem will not be solved.

My hands are still outstretched
Here I am. On your city streets. you have seen my face. you have seen my hunger. you have determined that I have a problem. Please Help me. I too have a sense of pride and dignity. I too have a right to live and be served by my state and government. I too understand child torture and abuse, for I am the child you have forever abused. tortured

thank you.



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