A few weeks ago. and I am back. maybe

She turned with just her head to look at my face; “what’s wrong with your lips”, she asked. “Perhaps you will need a glass of water”. She’s only five, ladies and gentlemen, and my lips looked no worse than a rotting brick house. Caking off.

What was wrong with my lips? How, when did having a period result into my lips ripping into such disgusting layers.
Why should my entire face come undone only because there is a leakage with my ovaries.

And yet, there I had accepted that spending an entire five hours -from night time to sunrise- groaning on my floor, willing the thin membrane inside my uterus to just Stop and Numb, tearing pieces of clothing off of me until I can find one, alright, three, pink pain killers, was payment enough. dues expected of me as a woman…whatever .

But ah-ah, no. I must, apparently, have a two-pimple out break on specific areas of my aging face, a mean mood swing…. and thank you very much… these really scary lips! So scary infact, my baby cousin is actually compelled to pour me a cup of water.
But that is thing; I have been drinking water since these pains came on.

See there were times, times when I after I had ended up in a hospital bed at 4 in the morning explaining to a nurse in terrible Italian what pains were getting at me… those times, I thought that perhaps, because I had been emotionally drained and hadn’t fed on a decent meal in a while, I thought there could be an explainable, understandable reason as to why Mother nature (say what), would have a go at me. You know, something terrible to really shake me- HEY BABE, FEEL THIS? YOU ARE STILL ALIVE. SO FEED YOUR INSIDES AND GET OVER YOUR lil.LOVE ISSUES. – so to speak.

Well this has been going on far to long, and I am sure I have gotten to My end of the line with these cramps nonsese. Brilliant idea: am gonna go get myself pregnant. nine months of great (horrid) cravings, and none of these pains at all.

Any one need a surrogate????

-ps: Hi Sleek, we used to be great friends…

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  1. petesmama says:

    Sowry… I know all about cramps, but yours are particularly bitchy.

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