Speaking with an open mouth

Do I feel different?
Have i changed?
Does every thing, and every one seem different? aliens to me as I might appear to them?
Has home morphed into a space ball with not any preserved for me?

What do I see; what do they see: who am I: who are they: what is this?????

looking at my life with stranger’s eyes now; deafly listening in to my own conversations?

my answer to all the above:

everything feels exactly the same.

I still stick out.
I still don’t fit in. I am still not among the ‘perfect average’.
My bed is still un-made
My hair a spring roll of comfort; undone, unkempt

My eyes tear in sadness at moments of happiness
I still get all of my genuine laughs from Jason (6) ad Zoe (4)

love and lust still play out in my face, dodging, unbothered, unattached

nothing’s changed; it’s like going back to high school

now, back to saving links i need to put together.

cheers Koschwitz


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sleek says:

    Amen sister..amen

  2. joelle says:

    JEREMIA 29

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