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  1. the emrys says:

    the trailer is too short!!

  2. the emrys says:

    so where is today’s post coz this does not count, it was just an announcement 😀

  3. phoebe says:

    well here is the post for today

    she came in afew days ago- perhaps the past four. square bags, long suitcases, in which carried little soaps, sad stories, big sighs: an amount I cannot count. A piece I would not share.

    He had come in her. He had arrived to leave. He was who they’d said he was, a man that had fathered her. Father to her incubating daughter.

    She strolled in with a blue bag dagling on her shoulder, a red suitcase wheeling on the ground. One is the short lived love, the other is to-forever-crawl-after-me world of sorrow; she explained.

    I am me. I have to carry all that I bear. It is for myself. by them for me. from him to me. a father and a husband. of mine. of her’s too… maybe one day… after purgatory.

    these were her thoughts


    for emry’s
    two minutes spot write-up.


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