The White Christmas

Now. The snowfall is magical;

Photo ripped from Bryce Licht

In my cold flat, I sit solid looking out the window of my balcony, cup-o-tea in hand, a blanket at my ankles,
some times i have the two small heaters buzzing in the tiny corridor
while the radiator works at its very own- central heating- pace, and; simply watch the snowfall.

Small, big, huge, solid particles all together like white wintery-feathers flying easily with the ice cold wind. Decidedly they settle onto the marble sidewalks, the cobbled-stone streets, private driveways, the abandoned park benches which seat empty in these jaded winter parks, and onto the naked tree branches, on an old man’s evening hat, a young woman’s pretty little umbrella, and on my poor poor lifeless plants at the balcony too …

the snowflakes, one after the other, adding to each other, create for themselves a solid bed on these surfaces. An ideal dwelling for however
long these frail water particles can stay stuck, in their unearthly whiteness, together!
It’s beautiful, It’s admirable.
It’s not hard to make out how the idea of ‘heaven’ came about

Ripped from Bryce Licht

And then the evenings pass. The day comes on which I should take my scheduled train to Milan, visit a beloved friend; say goodbye and
ride on to the airport, catch my scheduled flight, spend christmas with my sister and her two beautiful girls in Holland…

from yahoo italia

But then, all the trains are delayed. I cannot go to Milan. I cannot catch my scheduled flight. The heavenly beauty quickly melts to
a shackling hell: the puddles of defrosting snow every where numb both my feet and mind in a cutting pain. I curse out loud, too loud
I have become hard of hearing; Of hearing of another delay. Of another cancellation…. About yet another-same- reason:
” due to snow disruption … “.

it is indeed easy to make out how the idea of ‘heaven’ came about.

photo ripped from yahoo italia

Merry Christmas to you all

and this is my favourite christmas poster

for very obvious reasons -:)


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  1. the emrys says:

    i want my invite!!!

    merry xmas

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