hey phyb

you need a new blog post; surely, something must be happening in your
life that you must want to share in word- comprehensible or not

how about you write more details on that play you mentioned once; how is that coming
along? No. you don’t like to share about your serious work? really? I thought it was a play; how serious can that be.

well, then.

Write about last night. let on on how you got absolutely boozed on red wine , and…
that’s shareable isn’t it? you didnt seem to have a problem opening up about any details last night?

come’ on; go on……..
Phyb: “shit. I feel like shit today.
that’s all I have to say about last night”.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. joelle says:

    call me please

  2. The Emrys says:

    i know the rest of the story, who wants to know…

  3. Sleek says:

    ha!!emrys you have my email add? do your thing, details..graphic details…ahem,hi Phoebs,call me too

  4. phoebe says:


    …this is the call; ciao sleek, lets have a drink sometime

    and to Emrys, let’s get boozed: All three of us

    although, i doubt we can find good cheap wine in kampala.


  5. Sleek says:

    wine? …what’s wrong with beer?

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