Parts of the third part of the playscript: MONOLOGUE 1

another one of us
concieved. A midnight lust perhaps
-(it could have been three of the morning)-.
A mythical curse i became

should I die then? should it have been I then? I dead not her then?
There wasn’t thing for I to lose; not a child not a name not I- No.
It was Just I; only a ‘thing’ then, named ‘it’ then
The bloody two-feet devil
A half-sized ‘mount of evil,

Soaked in Satan’s blood i dripped
all of hers dry.

Maybe the midwife was right that night
Maybe secrets belong with the night.
A time and space where,
when a man decides to fuck a woman
who’s not his wife,
desires her but not to bear him fruits; be them Satanic or Angelic

And there was I: – Satanic, or Angelic- Simply undesired
Unwanted by the very man who ‘dug the well’-excuse my speak
– for he belonged to another, was another’s;
another’s home and heart.

in the script


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mphoebe says:

    to Em’
    I did find my brain…although, that’s only the first step… getting it steering is a very interesting process …

    and to Sleek

  2. the emrys says:

    …well i was here as well. oh did i tell you i am currently enjoying your home country…do send me an email, we have alot of catching up to do

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