Unbound hearts

I am not lonely
I am not desperate
I just have an itch
which i need scratched

And here:

I am searching for a boyfriend
-He must be old enough; older or younger than me is not the point really, since it will hardly make
a difference once he takes on as My boyfriend.

-He can be boring and with a zero sense of life outside his own realm: we are all clustered in one bubble or four— it’s
no problem if he believes that His world, His values, His beliefs, and His point of view are What is and What should be…

-He can be male or female; the sex is what matters really.

-Rich, wealthy, broke or needy; I have got no money to share… it is his wallet to fill:..I cannot dictate –
I have no right to- how financially stable a man/woman should be.. I am not the world bank.

what else; oh yeah

-Black, White, Asian, Polish, both skin colours or more… Really; unless it makes that huge a difference
in what’s really important about One as My boyfriend, I don’t care a fig. Come as you are, we will find crayons together, if there should be a need to.

-he should speak a language. Verbal, physical, emotional, sadistic, painful, incomprehensible… I don’t care. We wont do much talking anyway

It’s almost Christmas. I need my own baby jesus (to all the offended. that J is dotted- go figure)

ps: To Sleek and The Emry’s I still love you both, separately, but I do.
To Antipop, I love you too- differently- but I do

point: you three mentioned above cannot put it in your applications: those are the rules.

Tag: unloved. unfriended. Christmas boys for presents


3 Comments Add yours

  1. tricia says:

    I like your list. Christmas boys for presents, interesting. Tell me if you get the presents.

  2. the emrys says:

    well….i know someone…

  3. mphoebe says:

    lol: you are a hard one to beat Em’

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