The Nederlands

Thrusday night in Treviso — that was an amazing night

Friday morning in Brussels—- finally, I experience an Autumn forest: thanks Cedric, thanks Alizee!

Friday night in Holland——I am having a great weekend… really beautiful: with my sister, the twins and Sandra

ps: monday night… back in Treviso ( Italy still is the most beautiful country I know- inspite of her politics)

tuesday evening: I woke up at 5 this morning thinking I was at home in Kampala.
For 62 seconds – what seemed like forever- I worried about the mirror and dressing table
that’d suddenly appeared three feet away from my bed.
I got out of bed, walked to my door and only then did I realise that I was in my flat in Italy;
and. I was looping on, speaking strangely, in spanish. something that intended to be; “no, sorry I don’t speak dutch”.
It’s likely that am completely losing it. It’s likely that I had my First ‘sleep walking’… ever.

Wednesday Morning: with a hangover- wrote the first draft for my short story/ it came out as a fiction. i guess it should then
be fiction

Wednesday afternoon: In a room with four men deciding the title for the film. / I called in Valerie at one point/ it can get hilariously sad in there

Wednesday night: GIRLY NIGHT AT MY HOUSE. boys invited but only as a Point of Conversation

Thursday Evening: (in the music room mixing the sound- for the film) Work comes to sudden halt; a cigarette break. it’s a jam session.
Babak on the drums. Hanna on the electric guitar and Chris on the piano…
Lawrence is just walked out…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. the emrys says:

    the princess diaries??? hi lil’ miss

  2. phoebe says:

    the idea is that I learn to tell about myself…
    so i figured: one day at time…

    In the end; its just snap shots really. snap shots in less than 50 words.

    it can get addictive though;- the selective memory thing. noting your life simply as ‘events of the day’.
    but perhaps, maybe, thats the point….

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