reaching out-

I feel lethargic

I need a boyfriend; well, its the feeling am carrying right now

I should learn to give away, to let go; spring clean

I guess what i really need is a sleep-in



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sleek says:

    randomsie…let’s do a cyber date

  2. The Emrys says:

    didnt realise i was being replaced already 🙂
    ‘ello pheobs

  3. tumwijuke says:

    Sleep. What’s that?

  4. Mckeith says:

    What exactly is in-sleep?

  5. mphoebe says:

    @ Mckeith; a sleep-in is taking on extra hours (of the morning) to sleep.

    but like Tumwi asks, so does my head exactly
    am up before I can sleep

    @€mry’s: Bwosimagira Ngababega’

    @sleek: where is my “ph’b is random” post?!

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