when am sickly busy…
youtube becomes my happy click.

I guess now its only right that I state a “public”
Thank You
to every single one of you youtube users
who make an effort to post a wonderful comic skit,
a memorable moment from an aging television series,
but most especially, and specifically;
the music.
Thank you for posting the music that my radio don’t play.

– (I’ve no radio)

I have spent the last couple of nights
listening to Bill Withers- Grandma’s hands, Lucy (am her dady), Use me, et al.
He’s great, Mr. Withers is.
…………and my radio dont know who he is.

Today, on another happy click.
Searching for a cover version of The Doors’ People are Strange
I discovered this beautiful, beautiful singer called Elisa (Elisa Toffoli) .
I think she’s gonna be my new obsession. Sorry Cat Power. I love you and all. But she is….taking me to church


Ps: Ive just done a google search. she is Italian
and she was born in Monfalcone- a small town near Trieste!


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