THE DOORS- people are strange

Trying to get shit done… sorry about the Shit-word guys
-Pau says Ive started swearing alot
And am not even on coffee or anything; You know.
– Well, I do take pain killers every once a day, sometimes twice
(depending on who’s counting)
but thats alright, no.

Its not like an addiction or anything; is it?!
Its not like am saying am going to do it forever
or that I cant get myself to stop doing it, if it were to drive people
to the streets in protest (or Facebook- what hell)

or that I would… instruct for some one to kill some one or 23more;
or something crazy like that

or even, … or even that I would possibly blame it on such abstract ù
legal condemnations as “terrorism & wati-noti”
Or Anything like that. No.

All am wanting to say is ….
What Am I wanting to say

Well, All I intend to type down here is nothing but anything that will keep
my fingures away from that little Final Cut Pro Razor
because if I dont break for atleast 20-typing minutes, I might just go to the bathroom and find an actual razor and… well,

Oh, yeah. Now I remember what I was wanting to say with most of that above…

Basically (and I aint pretend-preaching, or something like that, yeah)

The worst addiction, – I have recently acknowledged-
is this suffered by [a number of] Unmentionable Presidents

Am not saying anything serious here or anything. I am just saying, there must be something about ‘a man in power’
something which I would seriously pay to have myself- if it were sold in the cut, color (pink) and size, of a pain killing tablet—

I wouldn’t like, use it or consume it, or anything that greedy.
I would just, like, hold onto it…. for as long as I can

especially because I know that with drugs, just as is with power, “possession is just as bad”. – which is a good thing. No?!
It is a great thing…. for everyone in the know

Therefore, to you my unbeloved leaders of tomorrow… (don’t take a guess)…. smoking and snorting has got nothing on you buds.
and I know non’ about leadership or pot… but ive got points in Observational Nothingness, Fast typing and Slow cutting.

-that last one, I need to get back to. asap

The Razor calls

– working on inventing something new
……’s neither a pill nor a new ‘seat’ in the Addictive House, also known as State House (-big oxymoron. huge), also known as…

Get back to work phoebe, it’s only past midnite.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mphoebe says:

    my companion tonite:

    He is the man!

    ps. Stockssssssssssssssss!!!!!

  2. The Emrys says:

    after reading this, i need me a pill…just to steady me

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