Seasons change…..

Autumn is setting in,” my body alerts.
No need for the alarm,” I calm her.
well, that is until I flick through amounts of pages of emotions
– ink stained, taking my head with them…..

I am helplessly tagging along
I cant seem to get a grip
on one mood for longer than 40 minutes

/Now am singing, happily holding up my morning cup of coffee/Now am shivering, weeping on a library floor/kicking at the dispenser machine/littering my computer screen with stickies on which there is scribbled “dont feel alright, taking the bus back”/ am bobbing my head singing deafly along with Beirut*s song Forks and Knives/ Texting a friend: “hey mzungu luv, lets walk to lunch, its a beautiful day!”

I say. What is wrong with me? He says. Too early to answer philosphical questions phib.

DoublieU. Tee. Eff is wrong with me?!


One Comment Add yours

  1. the emrys says:

    that last line…totally awesome 😀

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