Twats and Roaches

I actually know a girl who/ not only thinks/ but openly declares this Ad. campaign to be a Brilliant idea; loosely translated;… xoxoxoxox….
[watch the Vid here]

Its a stupid idea, horrendously executed and; one wonders who the environment actually is- Them Twats?! Them little roaches slumped on they unsightly computer screens; wetting at they mouths entirely soaked on such dilute pieces of Shock-Advertising-Technique-Orgies?!

…. am definitely going to bed.

on a more recreational note: Almost everyone here has left for Austria this evening to Attend the Ars Electronica Festival– Transport and lodging all prepaid by –the hand that gives But really what this trip really is, is another indulgence to the Spoiled Brat Pack also disguised as an all expenses paid for Post Summer Break Fabrica party. 4 days!!!!

And I opted out. Told: oh thanks but I think i will stay. *phoebe is the twat really*……….

Note to self; If I dont get this thing done and ready by monday, I seriously will give myself
up to the gallows.

Tag; Advertisers are bad for the environment. Shoot one when you meet one


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sleek says:

    but we are all advertisers…in one way or another

  2. Sleek says:

    and socks mere mortals…

  3. mphoebe says:

    Its a profession Sleek luv, with a fat pay check….

    I don’t think am in the slouch club no thank you

  4. tumwijuke says:

    Dear Lord that poster …!

  5. mphoebe says:

    @Tumwi, I really wish you watch the video ad.
    if you can, do find the youtube link and “see for yourself”…

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