Green Cats with Pink Eyes

Monaco – St Tropez and the Riviera

What am I doing here all by my self ?!
certain things should be illegal

I used to dream of getting married in Monaco, really I did, long before I could even find
it on a map * I will get married on a yatch in Monaco*- I would wildely go.
They would all look to me in worry, offer a glass of water but mainly, demand a more intillegent
—-I would still love to get married on a yatch in Monaco- there, sun stroke/silliness lives on!

Tag*- Nice-France; checkered squares, colorful waters, old town.
Monaco-Monte Carlo; Princely Palaces, Grace Kelly…
Cannes; will see tomorrow

Ps. Emrys and Sleek, whoever emails me their address first, I have an interesting
post card to send you….Its just one, but you wld both love it…


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Aunty says:

    wasted holiday, beleieve me when I say you nedd to see France with someone. Preferably someoine you are in love with, or at least a friend whose company you enjoy. what a waste.

  2. the emrys says:

    phoebe darling, you shd never have gone to france without me. but you could still grab a bloke off the streets of monaco, marry him on the yacht and then dump him soon as you get back to the streets 😀

    am sure i beat sleek to the post card, no?? God, i hope it aint in yo junk box

  3. normzo says:

    since those ‘bu’ guys have not emailed you by now- can i just have it-

  4. normzo says:

    Yaaa-I’m late, i notice the emrys already got this.

  5. phoebe says:

    @Aunty- i think am currently in love with big boats, Maserati and Ferrari…. I do need some one to share this with, ur right. again.

    @Emrys, I could swear, reading that up there, that your real name is Antipop… sounds like The antipop to the last P.
    and abt that advise, i will do just that. Pick up a guy from the Monte Carlo Cassino, go marry him in the Palace cathedral, celebrate at a stranger’s yatch and the next day, run off alone to Italy.
    and that will be it: the end of my childlike dreams

    @ Normozo, just pretend you cant read any of Emry’s stuff up there and send urs.

    xxxwhat am i going on about at this hour. Bed

  6. phoebe says:

    Ps. Sleek? seriously?! seriously?

  7. tumwijuke says:

    L’il Jars, what do I have to do to convince you to post pictures?

    Here, look, I’m kissing your feet.

  8. phoebe says:

    @Tumwi: i have no camera on this trip
    (what?!- yeah, i know: am a so upside down human being)

  9. Sleek says:

    Phoebs, now that all the wanna-take-my-postcard-chaps have had their day in the kasana…kati that post card eh? okimanyi…u get my email?

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