Ours is the Zest of the Alley Cat

What am I put to:

I’ve finished reading Northager Abbey- Jane Austen / totally love the idea of
this book.

I’ve finished reading The Wizard of Oz- the film script/ its actually easy to memorise;
well Dorothy’s lines are. I still need to find great links from where i can study it though.

I am now reading Alice in Wonderland (thank you Scott): the last time i read this, i was 14…………
not very much has changed since really.
I am still too frightened to even peep through any rabbit holes


….its too hot to come up with any writing of my own
like i had hoped.

To European beers! To Children’s lit classics!
To the heat and humidity that will run me crazy any one of the these days
And finally to the church bells……..these freaking church bells…..

ps. i love church bells, thats why i own nothing with a clock on it,
the church bells keep me ‘with the time’.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. the emrys says:

    me i jus want the macy gray look pics…but for this grace jones, are you for real??

  2. mphoebe says:


    Grace Jones is the hottest
    – the woman ‘s got balls.
    i def. want that, even just for three days

    the look, not the balls- or perhaps both. why not, yeah.

  3. Sleek says:

    naye the books you’ve been working your way thru, i so wouldn’t touch…good reading

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