Am not on holiday

Am still here
stark broke
lost my flight
lost about 300 euros
I didnt miss it
I lost it

It was blue. it was orange.
It was blue. it was orange.

ANYWAY, I will take pictures of me
at the work place

now its all grey
now its all grey

idea being,- am here on holiday!

and those pink tits
and those pink tits

Photo 10

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  1. The Emrys says:

    what happened to the locks. i just kicked things off.

    hi phoebe

  2. mphoebe says:

    i cut them off while in Kigali/

  3. the emrys says:

    what?? nooooooooooo!!

  4. phoebe says:

    actually, i got rid of them, long before Rwanda…at first i got the macy grey look, then i had the crazy chic look, and then i went to rwanda and… i figured i would only fit in there with a no-look…and cut all of it.

    I ended up looking like a 13year old boy.

    am now going for the grace jones look.
    surely you will be down for that, no?

  5. the emrys says:

    grace jones??? are you serious??? eh.

    but now i want the macy gray pics, how did i miss that?

  6. Aunty says:

    you look sad, cheer up, it not that bad, some people would kill to be in your place.

  7. Sleek says:

    When are you doing the ‘phoebs’ look….

  8. Lars says:

    thats it up there…. plus ive been doing the me look all my long years

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