Lego is a man White and Brown

a deep bright orange
an outer space helmet
a car of broken bricks
a house set a piece
Lego is an old friend

Hanna is a lego a friend
a glass of orange
a rice of dishes
A star struck nerd
A boy in my boy in my old class

Hanna is a great cup

Hanna is a great cow

Hanna is a great guy

Hanna is neither you nor I

A boy by my house
A house by the hill
A hill below the sea
A sea of gulls and horses

Hanna is a cat in her house
A brown fur coat on a black swan

Hanna is

a red sweater,
brightly hung
on a tree branch
in a winter forest

Hanna is….Hanna isn’t.
Ha. Hanna is a…
Hanna, —

—- Hanna has got to come to an end

But only if
Hanna were a journey
on a road
like tarmac in earth

Or Perhaps, and maybe
If Hanna were a relationship,
One which edges on to never tip over
Causing all involved and mid-circle
to suffer a pain of disinterest
dis continual

Yet, Hanna could, and most likely is,
the eye on the bull
the red spot wheel
on a train cart.

That train which never stops
never whistles

If only Hanna were a word i cannot find to write
For I cannot write

Many more days i have wondered if typing, was never to be.
no buttons, white on black
no letter pressed words, eyes blind translucent
If there were be only just pens in ink
felt to the touch;
would Hanna then come to an end

Would this be it
A commonplace
Just space
Pink noise,
A blue wander?!

Hanna is an idea
in this
My blog post


5 Comments Add yours

  1. the emrys says:

    hanna is excited you didn’t tweet this time, ha!

    me likey this

  2. mphoebe says:

    glistening tears fall from her eyes
    Ps:- This comment has nothing to do with anything. am only saving a line

  3. mphoebe says:

    something i will one day use in a script proposal to a Venezual day time tv soap

    – am talking rubbish. I need my notebook back. i need a appropriate space for my rubbish

  4. streetsider says:

    cool, you have a gift, i am usually wary of imagism, coz somebody could just be a wannabe stringing along disjointed lines and you could end up wasting half an hour trying to figure out what the fucker was trying and failing to say.

    but this is nice.

  5. mphoebe says:

    @street sider:

    I sketched this on a white plastic cup
    the sketch was mainly: Hanna is a great cup

    I showed it to hanna and he went like: what does this even mean. It means that you are a great guy-I told him.
    But it clearly says that am a cup…he continued.

    You are a cup hanna. but a great one.

    then he went: alright, i will take that as a compliment.

    He walked out of the room. and i opened my blog page and wrote that whole ‘Hanna is’ thing is all of five minutes. I wasn’t writing about hanna, I was writing about ………cups, sweaters and pink pancakes (not really, but hey.)

    I guess i need to work on it more; and make something of it

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