Theme: Psychedelia
-melting faces, chiming church towers, veins creeping with ants crawling out
of their eyes to his hairs. A bridge on his nose, a roller coaster time machine
Beautiful devils on a blade stick
And ofcourse; the girl of her long breast. and sharp toes

Imaged ripped from Here

Ps; you dont have to be there if you really dont wanna.


….this is will be the Gabo send off party. Translation; more of Pablo Neruda will be read this time- and Ezra Pound


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  1. the emrys says:

    wait, did you actually return to Italy?

  2. streetsider says:

    i was going to ask if i could come till i heard all this jazz about simanyi italy.

  3. mphoebe says:

    oooh Emry’s darling; all this time you thought i was still in Kla?!-
    I spent in kampala about only 8 days… prior to that i had been in Rwanda five weeks… I got back here (italy) june 20th
    – it was all work, work, work… reason why never met any BHHers.

  4. the emrys says:

    well, i knew when you were in rwanda and UG, jus didnt think you would be gone so soon. so when is the documentary due?

  5. mphoebe says:

    I am in translation, lawrence is playing ‘Silver screen Surgeons’…horrendous tasks. But we love it… hopefully we will be good and ready at the start of Oct.

    which means i shouldn’t be surfing the internet, or blogging At All

    –explains the tweetering or whatever its known as

  6. the emrys says:

    well, in retrospect, i guess its nice to see something thats slightly more than a twitter, eh 😀

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