Earth Song

last night i cried. I cried for him, i cried for myself…

it isn’t that am losing a friend, even when thats the most i mumbled whilst the groans escaped,

it is that when they are not close by, when you cannot walk past their house and cry out their names…scaring the elderly woman on the balcony above…

when you cant send an instant chat demanding; lets have a spritz tonight…it does feel like you are losing them.

even when you know enough well, that they likely will stay your friends for ever.

ps. this post is not a love note … well; i guess this footnote wasn’t necessary.

-Earth Crys. still


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  1. serakelz says:

    is this about MJ???? coz im sure he wasnt ur frend!!!!!!!!!

    1. mphoebe says:

      lol; this is definitely about doing two things at the same time, in the same space

  2. you were not alone in the tears…tribute after tribute, right after i fought the tears from the last person, another one brought a fresh set of tears…oh sadness…

  3. DoomsDay says:

    Tell them it’s human nature He’s gone too soon

  4. Sibo says:

    this post is not a love note….lol!!!!
    RIP MJ

  5. mphoebe says:

    again, I cried
    not just for her
    not just for him, no.
    not for him

    I cried for us
    for myself and him and her
    the three wet cats in the passageway

    when did we get to this
    dissolved, non existent, fictional
    especially amongst ourselves
    and with ourselves

    how does beautiful brick wall consume one- absolutely

    is it the round circles there in or the cold pillars
    on which we’ve accustomed to hold

    I cried about the pettiness of the little loves
    which crawls to the margins of preposterous,
    beyond imagined controls

    I cried about the selfish abandons
    the care- less-ness
    which we confess but can never attest to

    I cried. unemotionally
    I cried because I was enraged

    ___________________for us and them
    us the wet cats
    them the cold pillars
    the brick wall stands
    and so should we; forgingly

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