my relationship



ps; whats tweeter


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  1. The Emrys says:

    tweeter is this micro-blogging thingy that is totally awesome, even though am yet to join it 😀

  2. mphoebe says:

    But Emry’s, that simply sounds like 2 Weak Dudes; “Micro-blog that is totally awesome”- run more than one person (????)!

  3. carsozy says:

    let me google and let you know.

  4. normzo says:

    tweeter-just know am on it,and enjoying every bit of it- join and u will find out how good it is.

  5. phoebe says:

    Wow. guys. am i the only one who never gets the boat….techno-trends pass me by just like that (: not happy.

    But then again, if my blog posts are like tweets, do i need to be on tweeter?

  6. Twitter was invented for the bloggers who dont have time to write…:-) Sounds weird i know…A blogger with no time to blog…
    Anyway, try it….u’ll catch on in a sec

  7. spartakuss says:


    That’s not even worth the space its printed on!

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