So Gaaga is this new bus…looks great on the inside, one guesses- blame me- that this being a new veichle the shock absorbers are intact and do work….

One also assumes, wildly, that a bus a driver, with the sort of experience of one accustomed to long distance drives (Bunjumbura-kigali-kampala), would know when to slow down, just a meter, how to navigate the sharp bends, and the fact that the way one drives on Rwandan roads is not, cannot, be the same way of driving on Ugandan roads…

I flew off my seat a total of 20times, i worried about my neck hanging in that mini window, my back hurts and…..and there is sand grains stuck in my right eye.

I have to do this same bus ride again, tomorrow afternoon…..
somebody, somewhere, help. lets start with the roads first, then the nutty bus drivers next.


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  1. the emrys says:

    dont you just love those bus rides and the drivers, huh 😀

  2. carsozy says:

    I am actually dreading my first bus journey if I ever get on one, given this sorry state of our roads.

  3. jny23ug says:

    So when is the brhh? Is it some mini BHH?

  4. phoebe says:

    sorry jny. am in amsterdam right now, on my way back to italia… my Kampala trip was a busy mess

  5. normzo says:

    Are u talking about the Gaaga..the bus here in kampala or is that somwhere else..

    If its the one here…i think its a good bus, better than most going upcountry. and some very discilplined employees…u should have complained.

    anyway cheers

  6. phoebe says:

    Gaaga the bus is great.
    Gaaga the bus driver-is on speed (the drugs)

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