~dear sleek


I have been in Kla for about five days now
bouts of claustrophobia
and///why is it hotter, sunnier than i recall…


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  1. Only two explanations these days:

    Global warming or Credit crunch.

  2. Sleek says:

    socks mortals…today my socks have surpassed

  3. Sleek says:

    u in kla?and u are telling us now?we are so chucking you..the blogging community is behind me..hw long are you here?is it hotter?then ice cream..

  4. phoebe says:

    Facebook is evil. I made the announcement on facebook, and somehow confused that with my blog space.
    ….so sorry friends……….

  5. Sleek says:

    Facebook is so evil…i’m waiting for your drink-up/eat-up/all-those-other-excuses-we-use-to-just-act-funny

  6. lulu says:

    hi just came here…

  7. NIKolaS says:

    welcome back to there Uganda?

  8. spartakuss says:

    welcome back to town.. you should out prowling the town with the Kampala spartan!

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