Ugandan Art Movement

I have been at fabrica for a year now, its therefore only natural, that this is the direction of my mental wirings…

Art gallaries, museums, exhibitions, permanent and temporary,….Ugandan Art…

Uganda and the rest of the world art… yesterday, today and the day after


Scott sent me a few links

will add more links to this….when i do


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sleek says:

    i love the socks here…

  2. Sleek says:

    and btw, i shd be at BHH right now, but im here with you phoebe..and work..i loved the first site: its gt an interesting disorganized look

  3. mzuribeads says:

    Hello, Just a note to tell you about us. Mzuribeads have been individually hand rolling beads from recycled paper to make unique pieces of jewellery from the village of Ndejje in Uganda for over 3 years. Anyone interested in the art of rolling paper beads should visit our website, where you can locate a stockist near you or goto our online shop to view and/or purchase our loose paper beads and paper bead jewellery. Thank you.

  4. phoebe says:

    Kyoka Sleek!!!

    did u drown The Em’s in some tadpole pond or something?- yabakii gansikyamulaba

    ps. Thanks for staying with me though…i will see you in kla, at another BHH

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