I am broke



no money


I need to get a job. I need a job that pays.

See, really i am not big on money. I don’t like money. at all, actually. 

I just like the things, that seemingly, only with money i can attain

See this is why i get excited about a weekend trip, a Micah P Hinson concert, a day of adding to my closet….because, honestly, it is the way of life. It’s only a city , with a great private concerts, and i do need clothes… its a different season. Necessities . It’s not like am squandering my money in just three days no.

So, that is why i fail to understand, why it is become  natural that i will get my pay (allowance) on the 20th, and by the morning of the 27th,  am crawling all over my bedroom floor, sweeping  for scattered cents that should make at least two euros for the bus ticket….



I need money. 

Some one

employ me



bankroll me


when you see me on kampala streets

throw me a lukumii in fives


I come to rwanda on the 2nd of May….

another chapter starts….the first chapter


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sleek says:

    throw u a lukumi…i remember u saying something abt living on always living on the edge; u seem to have tipped over..really sorry…me il throw u a lukumi

  2. chanelno5 says:

    And come to Uganda wen?????? 3rd? Plus you sure havent heard the word Credit Crunch? You thought it eats only me?

  3. mphoebe says:

    Sleek, ive lived on the edge too long it’s worn out.

    plus…. Where is Emry’s

    And to Chanel, munange, I live inside a egg shell, I have no understanding of the crunch
    what-so-ever (life’s unfair i know)

    i come to kla maybe in June…I will be slaving away in ‘the a thousand hills’ most of May

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