Note to self

Today begins my last weekend in Italy….

Next week, I intend to blog, as list of things sort of way, my one year experiences in italy…

Today, I have a terrible hangover… i just wanted to stay in bed and not come to work…

But i didnt come to work yesterday, well, not until 6.30pm, and i had only come for the concert, which i missed…

I was in time for the drinks though…and i did get myself a full glass of sparkling wine…which was the start of my most memorable glass of wine so far….a story, to be told and retold by me, and everyone else

There is a second concert tonight. I will miss it too. which is sad really because i really want to see

this guy play. Chris and Geremia are playing with him too… Everybody says they are great on this one, esp. consindering that they are improvising…Chris says this guy is great. Hanna tells me I would love his music… > I had chat with him last night, very cool guy. And am going to miss the second concert.

I leave for milan tonight (am tempted to cancel for the concert) with Anna, Maia and Julian….We are going for the furniture fair weekend. Looking forward to that… and the shopping too. (will be back pennyless as usual). I love road trips…. but i love milan mostly…great place to spend a last weekend… but especially this weekend.

I will be busy most of next week finalising the preps for the project, packing up, and doing goodbye dinners. 

I doubt i will have much time to blog. 

And when am gone… from May 2….to whenever… I doubt i will have any time to blog at all.

I might open a second blog, for the project… consindering that very little writing has been done on this project….and am in the creative writing department… since i got here, ive been doing pictures, and pictures, and pictures… and the other day, i told this illustrator guy, that using pictures is a lazy way to tell a story….thats like telling the pope God does not exist….

I love telling a story with pictures… am in a visual arts factory for fx sake….i  MUST LOVE IT

okay now am going on and on….


have a nice weekend 

ciao tutti


4 Comments Add yours

  1. antipop says:

    so then you are coming home? I am tempted to sign in as Emry’s since he does always get these socks but what the heck!

  2. antipop says:

    and do carry sloth if you know what is good for you
    post it from Milan. It’ll be like a postcard

  3. mphoebe says:

    lol! and u got seconds too…

    Sloth is top of my Milano shopping list….

    ps: am not really coming back… am going to rwanda…very anti-climax.

    coming home but not really coming home

    But i need to renew my visa, and ive decided to do that in kla..Great excuse to see u love (all for you.. even though, truthfully, its all for Jason…and zoe)

  4. Sleek says:

    come to kla…any excuse to party!and that bit abt not blogging…that musta been a typo

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