“Are you religious,” they ask

i still don’t understand the intention or meaning or purpose of this question

maybe because, i only started hearing, and saying it only 10 months ago. And like a child, i use to way too often now.


But this what i am.

Am a lover of religious pageantry, the wonderlands, the myths, the fairy tales, the colors of heaven, the temperatures of hell, the literature, the music, the art and architecture, the little and big the dolls, the fights and defences…


I love that we marry for religion. 


that we love for religion


that we strive for the good…. for religion


that we use religion to explain who we are, who we will be


I love that we live for religion; our lives are basically based on whether we are for or against or in the between …. 


Religion civilizes human beings, i was once told…. 

that’s hot.


I am a big lover of religion… huge; the king, the prince, the warlord…. ( i feel a little left out about now though)


………….and here is my most beloved wonderland…Sky Kingdom, a beautiful teapot sect, which i, as a lover of tea, would have faithfully worshiped in absolute submission.

but the devil came along, in his black fire, and torched it to ash…. A long, long time ago.


– there is hell for the devil, he should be warned  (a punishement that shouldnt make sense really, consindering that this is his kingdom… Dude burns in fire on the every day. every night.

thats hot)



that would be sad


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    i pretty much do not like religion, but the sky kingdom, now that is something 😀

  2. The Emrys says:

    oh and socks, just coz i can.
    hi phoebe!!

  3. Sleek says:

    phoebe, honestly, this is randomish…as if. interestingly, u r a lover of religion..but r religious? whatever that means

  4. mphoebe says:

    @sleek..still need to know what that means… then i will have an answer…

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