I dont know what it is

its, its not… its not lust, no it isn’t

it’s not love either

Its soooo not love

it is handshaking…..???

a feeling???… nah, there is no feeling

there is nothing

I guess everything does not always have to  be defined

it dont have to always have a reason

a point

means and an end

some times… it…. just is…. it what it is…. and some times it is it

and there are times, both times… when it is and it isn’t at exactly the same time…. the very same time

like sunny rainy day…. both together. not as one. independently together







TAG: Menstraul period, ambiguity, visa nonsenses, love sick, sex with men who are actually boys who are actually one boy, who i actually haven’t seen in very long, who is actually not mentioned here or in the lines above. Silliness

Spring winter trees.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    the tage is quite interesting, it says alot 😀

  2. phoebe says:


  3. [B2B] says:

    love the way you are saying it
    would love a deeper discussion witchu on this…
    even if TheEmrys is chilling there as “tyrone”

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