Lauryn Hill. beautiful. lyrical. woman. Colours

– listening to Lost one on Negrita’s blog…. loving the whole Myspace/facebook/utube/twitter/weblogthing going on Negrits!!!!!

-plus, Scott sent me this link that i will not share….not yet… need to read all that is there…

but this quote i will share.

In a 2005, [Bob]Holman was also quoted as saying:

The spoken word revolution is led a lot by women and by poets of color. It gives a depth to the nation’s [usa] dialogue that you don’t hear on the floor of Congress. I want a floor of Congress to look more like a National Poetry Slam. That would make me happy. “


In a 2005 interview, one of slam’s best known poets Saul Williams praised the youth poetry slam movement, explaining:

[H]ip-hop filled a tremendous void for me and my friends growing up… The only thing that prevented all the young boys in the black community from turning into Michael Jackson, from all of us bleaching our skin, from all of us losing it, just losing it, was hip-hop. That was the only counter-existence in the mainstream media. That was essential, and in that same way I think poetry fills a very huge void today [among] youth. And I guess I count myself among the youth.


more later


7 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    3 posts in the space of one or two hours, mad props phoebe

  2. Sleek says:

    and Lauryn??what about her…

  3. Sleek says:

    emrys oso me i want mad props..2 comments in less than a minute…

  4. [B2B] says:

    sleek, yoy are losing it!!
    emrys, true true
    phoebes Ms Hill is always on point…

  5. mphoebe says:

    @Emry’s….my mind speaks more than my hands can handle to type.
    ideally, it should be 3 REAL posts in a space of 2hrs. instead. i cheat. write snippets of what my mind says…. i misrepresent her….the talking head within me.
    – Mad props to you though. u know why.

    @Sleek; all about Lauryn Hill is in that title…beautiful woman of colour. with crazy sick lyrics. love, love her still.

    @B2B: t’sup. long time

  6. julian says:

    ohh la la laaa, another quote, and phoebe I know you like Eminem:
    “Scarier then a white person trapped in a room with Lauryn Hill”
    —Word up!
    –//– >

  7. mphoebe says:

    @ Julian; of course i love Eminem… He is pure soul and spirit

    But let’s face it; he’s almost faded into old fame… Lauryn Hill still rocks on. Crazy sick Lyrics. Still going Beautiful. Still all woman, … PLUS, why are we comparing the two

    here, she is getting all the love from that little country we both love

    t’sup luv, how’s Milan

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