Easter holiday; Arezzo- Firenze… bellisima

As I see it…Live… and live it; : we dont really refer to IT as sleeping with

He slept with Her two nights ago…… She sleeps with Him… he once slept with Her but stopped because she wanted to sleep with Him.. They slept together only once, decided they better off as friends and besides, only three weeks ago she had slept with his roommate. His roommate has a girlfriend, but still,  he  sleeps with her, his best friend on many nights.

His ex-girlfriend once slept with this guy who is now her best friend now engaged to this girl who is as is natural, her other best  friend. They play kiss somestimes

HE sleeps with all of them… without discriminating… as they come in. new and fresh

She sometimes, once in a while… when feeling low and unloved… sleeps with her

She is his best friend… Why not 

She believes that she wants to sleep with him, and will therefore not sleep with him because of this.

She is the only one – CRAZY- not doing it

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL aint got nothing on us


One Comment Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    so this was yo easter holiday, then… it was crazy! 😀

    was beginning to miss you, howdy??

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