The White Project

Tough questions frequently thrown at me. For the one casual reason: My undoubted  intelligence

  1. “Phoebe; are there any black people with blue eyes?”
  2. “Phoebe; Are you black or coloured?” 
  3. “Phoebe; how do you get your hair to look like that, to do that stuff?” 
  4. “Phoebe;    …Thats not fair;  how do you expect me to remember your family, there is toomany of you?” [by many this person didnt really mean many in nos. he meant relations; cousins, uncles, grandparents, nieces, aunties……]

  5. “Phoebe; are sure you have never lived in England? Really? Never, Never? Surely, you must have lived in London; No?…” [this is one of my favourite qtns. it results from the fact that i don’t exactly cut the African Image- whatever that is]


My friends and I say about a huge number of  important words: we organise the latin alphabet in speech designs like none’s ever done before.

I have recently discovered, well, its not more of a discovery than it is a divine revelation really, that many of these high-tabled talks we’ve had  while in a bar hungrily gulping sweet German beer (that will kill your taste buds Like THAT!), or at a Jade’s flat having my hair straightened, or in bed with two  friends day dreaming the present, watching shitty animation on u tube… does change come to the eyes of the world  in the  color orange.

My white project will grow into….  where was I going with all this rubbish again?

I dont see myself as white. I dont think of myself as a white person. I think of my self as European. As portuguese. Not as a white person

                                                                                        – Names Withdrawn



What is more conceptual than Race/Racism? How can anyone  say; oh this is a conceptual project, ‘ has nothing to do with race or racism? Has anyone been to Sudan?!

                                                                                -Emily Curtin-Phillips

                                                                                   Colors Mag. Trial.  New York


White, developed countries, work because there are black poor countries.Dont kid yourself, there must be a poor economy somewhere for a wealthy economy to function—to be wealthy in the first place.

                                                     A. L

                                              Artist.  USA/NY. Brazil/Rio


Why would any one be bothered to sponsor a White English boy from London to record an Ambient Music Album?

                                                                Christopher Knowles

                                                                    Singer, songwriter. UK 


The fact is, really, nobody cares about Africa .It is like…  I am sorry… but it is the shame of the world, of the civilised world. How can an entire continent at time like this, in the year 2009, still be like that. Hunger, wars, disease, corruption, ethnic cleansings….It is the same problems; the very same problems. The image hasn’t changed one bit. Why?

                                                                                  Nicolò Degiorgis 

                                                                                 Photography dept. Italy






I dont see Colonisation as a bad thing at all. I think we had a cordial relationship with our colonies. Some of our former colonies still wish they were under portuguese rule.

Seriously, i don’t know. I just dont view colonialism as a negative thing…. of course am glad that all these countries are independent and under self rule…. etc, etc

                                                                                    Names withdrawn









to add more.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. the antipop says:

    all these countries are independent and under safe rule…???????

    name them!

  2. mphoebe says:

    Antipop; ive just made the correction up there….None of the above is mine…

  3. The Emrys says:

    and you know all these people??

  4. King says:

    Disturbing on a myriad levels.

    But truth be told, I also thing Africa is a shame. Our blatant “For God and my stomach” governance and politics stances that fuel corruption, segregation, atrocities and good old political thuggery…

    Oh wait, it’s plain old GREED.

  5. phoebe says:

    yes luv; good friends of mine they all are.

    This one : I dont (

  6. haha, phoebe, my pet, you are quoting me in secret. Should I pleased or are you mocking me?

  7. mphoebe says:

    Emily; I would never find the corner-space to mock you my little darling….

    I need to write you an e-mail though… a very short, Very ytf did you cancel???? type’o email

    I need another African here.. even one from New York

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