April 2009……..100 days


Lest we forget


A brother i will never will know

A mother’s mother whose smile  forever plasters in my memory—in flashes

A father i was never meant to know….perhaps



Alfredo- Jaar.... light... box
Alfredo- Jaar.... light box













Alfredo Jaar, Rwanda,  Art project, 1994-1998.

There will be a commemoration ceremony (of the Rwandan genocide) in Rome, this coming tuesday, April 7

It will all be in italian; although my fingers are crossed for some Kinyarwanda action


We all listen to the One; the Only; and the Most Beautiful Kamariza: Rest in Peace


One Comment Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    and you my dear, shall be close to my heart on the 7th.

    how are you?

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